Roketsan, Turkey’s Center of Excellence in Armours

Mr. Hayri Torun, Vice President and Head of OES Group at Roketsan Missiles Inc. informed us about the structure of Operations and Energetic Systems Group, the manufacturing  

Issue 49 - January 2014

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Hayri Torun, first of all I would like to thank you for your time with us. Which studies are you conducting as Roketsan’s Operations and Energetic Systems Vice President? Could you inform us briefly?

Roketsan Operations and Energetic Systems (OES) Group performs design and production of warheads and  propulsion systems for rocket and missile systems. OES Group provides rocket motor, warhead, pyrotechnic and mechanical systems as well as propellant  for  the systems developed by Roketsan. Design, development and production of passive and reactive armour systems are performed by Ballistic Protection Center that is also in our group.