Roketsan – Turkey’s Focal Point for Missile and Rocket Technologies

Issue 55

Roketsan was founded in 1988 per a decree of the Turkish government’s Defence Industries Executive Committee, with the purpose of establishing an organization to provide leadership in Turkey for rocket and missile design, development and production.  The company’s initial venture was the production of propulsion systems for the Stinger missile, as a member of the European Common Stinger Production consortium. During the early startup phases at Roketsan, several personnel were part of the engineering development activities focusing on rocket and missile technologies; those engineers steadily gained technological know-how in such projects as the Stinger program, as well as in other domestic and international projects, further developed their skills, and applied them to new product designs.

Roketsan has been steadily gaining market share thanks to the products and services it renders to the Turkish Armed Forces and to entities across the globe; thanks to its range of products and its quality, Roketsan is fast becoming a trusted vendor in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Americas and Africa.