Rolls-Royce Launches New MTU NautIQ Products with Sea Machines Technology to Deliver Intelligent Crew Support Systems

Date: Issue 113 - April 2022

Rolls-Royce is expanding its range of mtu NautIQ ship automation systems with three new products: mtu NautIQ CoPilot, mtu NautIQ CoOperate and mtu NautIQ CoDirect, which each offer different levels of intelligent crew support, autonomous control, and remote command capabilities. Customers in all marine applications will gain significant operational advantages and benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, environmental impact, and climate friendliness. The new products are the next step in the cooperation between Rolls-Royce and Sea Machines Robotics, the leading developer of autonomous control and remote-vessel command systems, which was first announced at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2021. The continued development of the mtu NautIQ product range is at the core of Rolls-Royce’s strategy to be an innovation leader in the marine business and to provide customers with complete propulsion and control solutions from ‘bridge to propeller’.  

mtu NautIQ CoPilot is the most advanced intelligent pilot assist system of the new product range. Depending on the operating mode, the human-on-the-loop system can either autonomously control a planned voyage from start to finish or not intervene at all in human operations while only guiding the operator. The system enables navigation with greater precision and predictability, helping to reduce costs, fuel consumption, and emissions. It is an important step towards more climate-friendly marine operations, made possible by the groundbreaking fusion of digital marine sensors, embedded electronic charts, advanced AI algorithms, and one of the world’s most advanced broad-area computer vision systems.