Rolls Royce Marine organised a media tour end of January. In the briefing held in Rolls Royce Marine facility in Bristol, Andrew Marsh, President of Nav

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012

Rolls Royce offers the world?s largest portfolio of marine products and systems ranging from gas turbines and diesel engines through ship design and ship systems, water jets, propellers, thrusters, stabilisers, electrical systems and comprehensive customer support.

Rolls-Royce pioneered the development of the marine gas turbine, and today, with its MT30 we are powering some of the world?s most advanced naval vessels. It has already been selected for the UK?s Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and the US Navy?s Littoral Combat Ship and DDG 1000 destroyer programmes.

In 2011 Rolls-Royce announced its largest ever marine surface naval ship contract ? to supply MT30 gas turbines and waterjets to a further 10 Lockheed Martin Littoral Combat Ships [LCS] for the US Navy. Rolls-Royce is already supplying propulsion equipment to the first two Lockheed Martin vessels. The combination of two MT30s and four waterjets, gives this ship immense flexibility, acceleration and manoeuvrability. The first Lockheed Martin LCS USS Freedom, entered service with US Navy in 2010 following successful sea trials during which the ship achieved speeds in excess of 40 knots. The second LM LCS, USS Fort Worth is under construction and was launched in late 2010.
In addition to the LM LCS, MT30 has been selected to power the DDG 1000 advanced multi-mission destroyer for the US Navy. It has also been selected for the Royal Navy?s future aircraft carriers, the Queen Elizabeth Class. Rolls-Royce is talking to navies in the Americas and Asia about potential applications for the MT30 and other marine equipment ranging from diesel engines, propellers and water jets to sophisticated control equipment.

The UK Royal Navy?s Type 45 destroyer programme continues to progress with all six ships in the class now launched. For each ship, Rolls-Royce supplies two WR-21 marine gas turbines, adjustable bolted propellers, steering gear, stabilisation equipment and low voltage electrical systems. Rolls-Royce has just signed an innovative 6 year in-service support contract with BAE Systems, delivering guaranteed availability of the WR-21 gas turbines in accordance with the operational schedules of the ship. Rolls-Royce Bergen diesels have been selected for the Royal Netherlands Navy?s new Joint Support Ship. The vessel will be equipped with four Bergen B32:40V12A generator sets and one B32:40L6A which will provide diesel electrical power and propulsion.

Rolls-Royce have taken achievements in Turkey over the years. It has been a supplier to the Turkish marine and naval market, having built up an installed supply base of some 60 sets of Controllable Pitch Propellers [CPP] and the Fin Stabilisers on the G Class Frigates in the Turkish Armed Forces. It has also supplied Sonar Handling Systems fitted on 12-off Helicopters and 2-off Handling Systems for the Milgem Project supplied via the Sonar providers.

Rolls-Royce Marine established a local office in 2009 in Tuzla. Rolls Royce is interested in upcoming projects, including the current Moship, Ku Yred, MTA Seismic, LPD and LCAC requirements. The TF2000 and TF100 future Frigate programmes, provide opportunities for Rolls Royce MT30 Gas Turbine. The future replenishment vessel potentially provides ship design opportunities based around its family of replenishment vessel designs including ship systems, power and propulsion.
The current Coast Guard SAR Vessels under construction at RMK Marine have Rolls-Royce bow thrusters. In coming days it is expected that Rolls Royce and Istanbul Shipyard will signed a contract regarding Tunnel Thuster, Azimuthing Thuster and positioning systems within the scope of Moship Project.

In last October MTU Tognum, a global player in power and propulsion systems has been taken over by Rolls-Royce and Daimler. MTU A.? has been located in Turkey for more than 20 years. It is well known that MTU A.?. contributes to Turkey in terms of defense technology, economy and defense industry and has strengthened its position in the market thanks to its accumulated knowledge for naval platforms of Turkish Navy. It seems that this takeover will reinforce Rolls Royce?s activities in Turkey within the near future.