Rotary Wing Kamikaze Drone KARGU Close to Overseas Sales!

STM’s kamikaze drone KARGU has successfully passed the test campaign performed under tropical, desert and tundra climate conditions. Result-oriented for the export of KARGU are being conducted within this scope and according to the statement made by STM, KARGU is quite close to making its mark on its first overseas sales as negotiations with three countries have already been accelerated.

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

June 15, 2020. Receiving heavy demands from foreign markets with the performance it demonstrated in the theatre while being utilized by the Turkish Armed Forces, KARGU was also admired with its performance during the tests conducted in different countries under various conditions. Attending challenging test campaigns in various conditions such as tropical, desert and tundra climates, KARGU successfully accomplished the assigned tasks. 

Three countries show close interest in the procurement of the system and high level negotiations on the sales of the system conducted with friendly and allied countries have matured to a great extent while the countdown towards the first export of KARGU has started.