S-400 Air Defense System Deployed at Sinop Test Range for Comprehensive Radar and Firing Test Campaign!

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

A NOTAM has been issued for the test-fire of the S-400 Triumph Long Range Air and Missile Defense System supplied from the Russian Federation as per the Long-Range Air Defense System requirement of the Turkish Air Force (TurAF). According to the NOTAM covering the dates 5-16 October 2020, it was announced that Sinop Airport was temporary closed to landings and take-offs throughout the radar & live fire test campaign.

Video footages of TurAF convoy of some 50 vehicles carrying the S-400 Triumph Long Range Air and Missile Defense System components from Ankara to the Sinop Test Range located on the Black Sea coast, were also shared on social media on 6th October.

According to the information we have received, comprehensive testing of all radar systems, comprising the 91N6E Big Bird (1x), 92N6E Grove Stone (2x) and 96L6E Cheese Board (2x) Radars of the S-400 System that departed from Akıncı Air Base is expected to be conducted. Within the scope of comprehensive firing test campaign Banshee Target Drones simulating low speed air breath threats and undisclosed number of TUSAŞ ŞİMŞEK High Speed Target Drones simulating high speed air breath threats will be utilized during tracking practices and live firing tests.

The main components of the 4+ generation Long-Range S-400 Triumph Air and Missile Defense System that are expected to be included in the firing tests in Sinop are:

5P85TE3 Launcher based on the BAZ-64022 tactical vehicle chassis (5P85TE3 Launcher [TEL] with a full-load weight of 41.5 tons is used to carry and launch 48N6E3, 48N6E2 and 48N6E missiles, each weighing 2.6 tons [with canister] with a range of 250 km. Also, 40N6E missiles can be loaded)

51P6E Launcher (9M96E2 and 40N6E missiles with a range of 400 km are usually carried on the 51P6E Launcher) based on the MAZ-79100 series tactical wheeled vehicle 

X-Band 92N6E (NATO Codename: Grave Stone) the fire control and target tracking radar with 120 degree sector tracking and 90 degree sector engagement capability (it is stated that it has a 390 km range, based on an 8 x 8 MZKT-7930 tactical wheeled vehicle, capable of guiding 20 missiles to 10 different targets simultaneously and able to control maximum 12 Launchers)

S-Band 91N6E Big Bird Acquisition and Battle Management Radar (it is stated that the fully digital 3D PESA type radar operated with a crew of four, can get ready for a mission in five minutes and display 300 targets simultaneously on the operator consoles. Big Bird is based on the MZKT-7930 vehicle)

3D C-Band 96L6E Surveillance and Tracking Radar (it has a range of 5-300 km and is capable of tracking a maximum of 100 targets simultaneously)

55K6E Mobile Command & Control Center (on 8x8 Ural 532301 tactical wheeled vehicle chassis)