SAHA Istanbul Cluster – Championing Integration of Existing Regional Potential to Produce Cutting-Edge Technology

SAHA Istanbul Defense and Aerospace Cluster is the leader of its regional industry focusing on the goal to eliminate foreign dependency in the Defense Industry and in civil aviation. In an effort to get to know SAHA Istanbul better and to catch up with their activities, focus and future targets, Defence Turkey Magazine conducted the following interview with Mr. İlhami Keleş, the General Secretary of SAHA Istanbul Defense and Aerospace Cluster

Issue 81 - April 2018

Defence Turkey: Could you please tell us how SAHA Istanbul originated? What was your starting point?

The very first movement of this formation was our Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call at TÜSIAD’s 40th Assembly General held on 21 January 2010 where he was then the Prime Minister as he uttered the words “I am looking for a brave fellow to manufacture a unique automobile”. Upon these words, the ITO Industry Expertise Committee concluded that “aircraft production” which contains high added value is a crucial issue and a primary area in which to focus.