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SANCAR AUSV Continues Tests

SANCAR AUSV, which was exhibited at SAHA EXPO with a small-scale model between October 25-28, continues tests at full speed.

November 01, 2022

In October 2021, YONCA-ONUK and HAVELSAN decided to cooperate and started to work on the development of a Level 3 Autonomous AUSV. In line with the requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, the development and testing process of the SANCAR Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle continues under the contract signed on April 8, 2022, between the Defense Industry Agency (SSB) and HAVELSAN - YONCA-ONUK. The SANCAR AUSV was launched at the YONCA-ONUK Shipyard on June 2, 2022, with the participation of the President of Defense Industry Agency Prof. İsmail DEMİR, and the first sea tests were completed in September 2022. In this context, the AUSV's software and remote-control mode tests have been conducted to a large extent, and autonomy tests are currently underway. Following the completion of the tests, SANCAR AUSV is planned to be delivered in 2023.

Within the project's scope, HAVELSAN provides platform autonomy, mission system software, ground control stations, mini-GVDS (Ship Data Distribution System), Satellite Communication System and anti-jamming GNSS. YONCA-ONUK is responsible for the production of the hull of the AUSV and the integration of the payloads. Developed to perform reconnaissance, surveillance, anti-surface warfare, and mine countermeasure missions, SANCAR AUSV will minimize the risk with unmanned use in dangerous missions for human life and enable multiple tasks to be carried out more cost-effectively with its payloads. SANCAR AUSV was first unveiled to the world with the scale model exhibited during the African Aerospace and Defence Expo (AAD 2022) held at Waterkloof Air Base in Pretoria, South Africa, between September 21-25, 2022, with the participation of around 450 companies from 30 countries.

Although SANCAR AUSV is represented as a prototype, it is actually built on a proven platform. SANCAR is based on 8 MRTP-12 Fast Patrol Crafts hulls delivered to the Turkish Navy by YONCA-ONUK. In this sense, SANCAR, a proven design, can be used autonomously over ADVENT CMS. Therefore, it will be possible to perform joint missions by being controlled by other surface platforms equipped with network-centered ADVENT CMS. SANCAR AUSV features a derivative of ADVENT CMS named "ADVENT ROTA", which is adapted for Unmanned Surface Vehicles and contains artificial intelligence (AI) elements. SANCAR can perform missions in the open seas by providing uninterrupted communication infrastructure, thanks to the combined use of RF/GSM/SAT systems.

In line with the capabilities of ADVENT/ROTA CMS, swarm operations are also being studied. In this context, HAVELSAN plans to bring swarm capability to SANCAR by combining its know-how from the studies on BAHA and BARKAN UAV/UGV with the capabilities of the ADVENT/ROTA Combat Management System. HAVELSAN continues to work carefully on scenarios and concept studies for SANCAR's deployment to the operational area. On the other hand, emergency scenarios are also being studied for the possibility of SANCAR being captured by hostile forces in the operation area or in case of a malfunction in the boat. YONCA-ONUK has designed SANCAR according to end-user requirements. However, larger platforms may be built in the future in line with new requirements, such as longer endurance, better seaworthiness, or to operate in higher sea states. Therefore, the SANCAR platform can grow and gain new features according to the Turkish Navy's future requirements. 

For the marketing of SANCAR AUSV to other friendly countries, it can be reconfigured according to customer specifications. HAVELSAN and YONCA-ONUK offer SANCAR as a package together with ADVENT/ROTA CMS. The payload can be changed for additional functions requested by potential customers. ADVENT/ROTA CMS can be reconfigured to perform different missions depending on the payload. The SANCAR AUSV platform, which uses autonomous technologies such as data fusion and artificial intelligence, also has a modular structure. SANCAR AUSV is equipped with a 12.7 mm STAMP-2 Stabilized Weapon System, 2x2 UMTAS/L-UMTAS Missile and Launcher, and MİLMAST product Telescopic Mast (Navigation radar, E/O camera, anti-collision systems). With a cruising range of over 740 kilometers, SANCAR AUSV has a length of 12.73 meters, a width of 3.3 meters, and a displacement of 9 tons.