Saratoga by Blucher

BLÜCHER is the world market leader in the development and production of adsorpt

Issue 12 - October 2008

The market-leading SARATOGA® protective materials and garments are widely recognized as
the most advanced chemical and biological warfare agent protective technologies in the
world, with a proven record of technological and operational superiority.
SARATOGA® CBRN protective systems repeatedly have been chosen by the most
sophisticated and demanding military and civil customers in the world, after rigorous
laboratory and operational testing. The Land Forces of the UAE, the Armed Forces of Qatar,
the National Guard of Kuwait, the MODA Medical Services and the Civil Defence of the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia trust the SARATOGA® CBRN system with the protection of their
Since 1997, SARATOGA® has maintained the distinction of being the only material qualified
for use in the chemical warfare protective suits worn by all U.S. armed forces.
The U.S. Department of Defense concluded that SARATOGA® fabrics provide .unparalleled
protection against chemical and biological agents.. All U.S. troops deployed in Operation
Iraqi Freedom wore SARATOGA® chemical and biological protective suits twenty-four hours
per day, seven days per week, throughout major combat operations in Iraq.
The advantages of SARATOGA® include its high adsorptive capacity, long wear time, high
degree of air permeability for cooling, optimal balance of high protection and low heat stress,
high level of mechanical stability, and low life cycle costs.