Sarsılmaz SAR 223 Assault Rifle

Issue 55 - September 2014

For a long time, Turkey procured the needed light combat weapons from NATO and its allies under military assistance, and as of 1975, from MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry) corporation under licensed manufacturing. Today, a significant amount of sources are transferred abroad as the light weapon needs are satisfied by outsourcing from abroad or under licensed manufacturing.  

Currently, as private sector companies have improved their capabilities and are realizing authentic models in areas like weapon manufacturing which require advanced technology, it is considered that benefiting from both the company and country capabilities in light weapon production is of significant importance. It is a must to keep the sources at home, to perfectly meet the needs of Turkish security forces, to acquire the ability to design and manufacture authentic weapons aimed for the domestic defence industry, and to bring competitiveness to improve product development abilities, as well as to ensure possibilities for exporting abroad.