SDT Avionics and Mission Systems

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

SDT’s first indigenous avionics equipment design integrated to platforms is the Digital Data/Video Recording System (DDR) product family. Both the hardware and software of the DDR has been designed by SDT engineering. The products have been manufactured by SDT’s Production, Testing and Integration Division and provided as off-the-shelf product family to local and foreign aviation programmes. 

Basically, the DDR has the capability of  recording digital control data, video and audio signals at various platforms. Among the digital control data types, data received through MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC429, CAN and Ethernet data buses can be given as examples. Video interfaces can be PAL, NTSC, RS170, RS343, DVI, SDI or DisplayPort. The digital control data can be accessed via direct communication with data buses or it could be by means of a central control computer. The video and audio data received by DDR  is recorded by high efficiency compression algorithms. Removable memory modules used for recordings are connected to the post-flight ground support computer via standard industrial interfaces (USB, Ethernet, SATA etc.) in order to access the recorded data.