SDT Gaining Momentum Abroad

Date: Issue 70 - September 2016

Following having been selected as a successful bidder in May for the program, namely the Embedded Training System/ETS to be used in South Korean military trainer aircrafts, Space & Defense Technologies Inc. (SDT) signed 2 separate Teaming Agreements on July 21st with the South Korean simulation company named Hangil C&C for the Embedded Simulation and ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation) Projects. At the signing ceremony held at ODTÜ Teknokent, SDT General Manager Fatih Ünal and Jin.H. Park on behalf of Hangil C&C signed the agreements, with the witnesses of SSM Industrialization Department representatives. 

SDT General Manager Mr.Fatih Ünal made comments to the press members on the scope of the agreement and cooperation opportunities between the parties at the signing ceremony.  He also mentioned that they have gained a significant amount of know-how and experience up to date with the help of certain projects assigned to SDT by the Ministry of National Defense and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) in avionic computers, embedded simulation and live simulation areas.  He added that they aimed to make use of these experiences in international platforms as well. Mr.Fatih Ünal continued: “We received the first outcome of this know-how and experience in May with our winning of the tender. We will be taking part in this Project consisting of the integration of an embedded simulation system to the Republic of Korea’s KT-1 and F-16 aircrafts. Additionally, the live virtual simulation that we have been developing for the Turkish Air Forces, also known as the new generation ACMI Project, currently under the certification stage continues. Presently, we are amongst the candidates in international competition within the scope of the new generation ACMI procurement Project which is expected to reach the tender stage in the next 1–2 months for the fighter aircrafts of the Republic of Korea. Moreover, we are preparing a proposal with our Korean partner for providing an embedded simulation component, named the Embedded Training Unit / ETU, as part of the KF-X program, which is in a word another version of the ACMI boxed to be installed on an aircraft. We are cooperating with one of the Republic of Korea’s leading simulation companies HANGIL C&C in both projects. With the cooperation agreements we sign, we will be submitting proposals in the tenders as two companies. We would like to thank the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries for providing us such leverage especially in terms of offset”.