SDT is continuing its operations by advancing in an area of technology in its new Research and Devel

SDT Space and Defense Technologies Inc. which set off in order to edge into the defense market with an understanding of developing original products in national and international standards in Fe

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

Representatives both from government including Undersecretary of Defense Industry and various industry foundations participated in an opening ceremony and cocktail of STD Space and Defense Technologies Inc. METUTECH Search & Development office on 16 November 2007. Also, the members of the defense press and the foundations such as SASAD and METU participated in an opening ceremony. Thus, a small IDEF atmosphere was created. Such an opportunity was created so that different foundations/firms came together to create a collaboration and synergic atmosphere.

In the opening speech of SDT Inc. Search and Development Office, General Manager Mr Fatih Unal explained STD’s progress in the context of its planned roles and specialties in sector since February 2005. Following the opening speech, Mr.Murad Bayar, the Undersecretary of Defense Industry mentioned about the actors’ roles in sector and the importance of small and medium size enterprises which provides technology and product. He also emphasized that STD was a good example due to the fact that it developed original products in areas where the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry did not initiate the projects directly and brought national and original product approach when needed. Then Mr. Mehmet Dora, the chairman of the board of directors presented a plaque as a memory of the opening to Mr. Murad Bayar and the undersecretary inaugurated the office formally by cutting the tape.

After the opening ceremony, the studies about Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) regarding the search and development project which is supported by TUBITAK and carried out in coordination with ASELSAN was demonstrated. Also, HELSIM tactical environment simulation software, HELSIM three-dimensional visual models and engineering prototypes of digital data/video record devices which are developed in search and development studies were demonstrated and ceremony cocktail began.