SDV Horoz: A Global Expert Freight Forwarder in Defence and Aerospace

Date: Issue 50 - March 2014

SDV Horoz was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between Turkey’s logistics leader Horoz Logistics (Horoz Holdings) and the globally renowned French logistics company SDV International Logistics to supply air and sea freight forwarding, inland container transportation and special project cargo services. Through these services, SDV Horoz integrates Horoz Logistics’ other activities, such as international land freight forwarding, domestic full truck transportation, warehousing and distribution services. SDV Horoz, which provides solutions specific to the sector, is also a value-added subsidiary of Horoz Logistics, one of Turkey’s leading integrated logistics providers.

Thanks to its consistent growth since its establishment in 2000, SDV Horoz has an annual turnover of 100 million USD, and a freight forwarding volume of 115,000 TEU/year by sea, 5,000 tons/year by air, and 65,000 containers/year of domestic land. It is now the largest freight forwarder in Turkey, also maintaining 540 offices in 96 countries across the world as covered by the global network of its partner, SDV Logistics. It has handled large quantities of import shipping from the Far East and Europe and export shipping to Europe since its foundation, and has continued its growth in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East since 2009.