SEDEC: Türkiye`s First and Only Homeland & Border Security Expo

Date: Issue 130 - May 2024 Update: June 21, 2024

SEDEC is an organization that brings together international and national stakeholders in the fields of Homeland Security, Border Security, Internal Security, and Defense Subsystems, hosting fairs, conferences, and bilateral business meetings.

At this event, we unite to share our knowledge and experiences in Homeland and border security, to strengthen collaboration against common threats, and to devise solutions for a safer future. This significant event by SEDEC provides a critical platform to enhance the security of our country and our international community.

Security is a paramount concern for all of humanity, ranking high among our daily priorities. It's not just a domestic issue for individual nations, but a global imperative for maintaining peace and stability. Moreover, secure environments are the bedrock for economic growth and stability.

The challenges we confront today are growing in complexity. Terrorism, organized crime, cyberattacks, and numerous other perils are crossing borders, assuming a global scale. To confront these issues, international collaboration and coordination are of utmost urgency.

Today, we have come together as security experts, technology leaders, and industry representatives from around the world. Our aim is not just to share the latest developments in the security field, but to establish strategic partnerships that will prepare us for future threats. It is crucial that we collaborate to make our borders more secure by generating solutions. 

The dynamics the security sector, and the supply chain processes are unique. They differ significantly from what we generally know and see in the defense sector's structure. Our sector is much faster paced, harboring intensive technology and quickly implementing technological changes. Product development and deployment occur at a much faster pace. These unique challenges are why developed countries around the world hold security events separately.

With the inaugural event held in 2018 and to be repeated every two years, SEDEC has now established itself as a professional security event in Türkiye. Instead of being a part of more general sectoral events, countries with advanced industrial infrastructure handle Border and Homeland Security activities in dedicated organizations, such as SEDEC, that focuses specifically on these topics. SEDEC is not just a national event, but an international platform for the rapid procurement of materials and equipment used by law enforcement and military personnel in Türkiye, as well as for expedited international collaborations. Because bringing together all parties involved in the subject from around the world, creates a more effective, efficient, and result-oriented environment. In fact, a well-designed event accelerates and amplifies the growth of the industry and the sector.

Over the next three days, industry professionals will provide important information to sector partners through conferences and workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to see and examine the latest products showcased at our exhibitors' booths.

Additionally, for the meetings you have pre-selected in the B2B/B2G system, your files will be ready at the info desk, allowing you to conduct your sessions at the designated time and location indicated in the files. This way, SEDEC aims to ensure that the organization runs as efficiently as possible for its participants throughout these three days.

During the event, which took place from June 28th to 30th, 2022, the third edition of the event, firms and institutions from 51 countries successfully conducted 5800 planned meetings over the course of three days. This year, we are honored and proud to host participants from 52 countries, a testament to the global reach and impact of this event.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of National Defense, the Secretariat of Defense Industries, the Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association, the Ministry of Trade, the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, the Ankara Chamber of Industry, and our strategic partner, SaSaD, as well as to Teknopark Ankara and the Defense and Aerospace Cluster of Türkiye, for their invaluable support in organizing the event.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Interior, the General Directorate of Security, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Turkish Land Forces, Air Force, and Naval Forces Commands, the Coast Guard Command, the Presidency of Migration Management, AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management), and to all the heroic industrialists who contributed to and participated as key players in the event.

We express our sincere thanks to the representatives of the 52 countries who believed in us and stood by our side, as well as to the procurement delegations from around the world who traveled from afar to attend the event.

Furthermore, we owe a debt of gratitude to our esteemed sponsors, who are not just supporters of our event, but integral parts of its success. ASELSAN, for their highly effective projects in border and urban security systems; ASFAT, a staunch supporter of military factories and shipyards; Havelsan, Roketsan, and STM, all of whom have spearheaded numerous successful projects in defense and security; Bites, Canik, Thermacool, Titra, and Koluman, whose products and technologies have brought significant value to the industry; V Patent, for their support; SSTEK, for their contributions to technology and industry; TÜRKSAT, our pride in space technology, which carries us to space with our satellites; TAWAZUN, for their successful projects in defense and security; and our Technology Sponsor, TURK TELEKOM, for bringing innovations in technology.

We also extend our gratitude to İvedik Organized Industrial Zone, Konya Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, Ankara Aerospace Specialized OIZ, BASDEC, BUSAT, and Innovatalent.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our global communication partner, Anadolu Agency, and our other esteemed press sponsors for their invaluable role in spreading the word about our event and its mission.

SEDEC will be a significant step towards a safer and more sustainable world. With our wishes for it to bring goodness to our country and the world, we collectively put our signatures on a successful organization. Good luck and best wishes.



Head of Organization Committee