Sefine Shipyard Wins DIMDEG Contract

Date: Issue 84 - August 2018

On July 10, 2018 Sefine Shipyard secured a contract from the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) to construct a Fleet Replenishment Ship (DIMDEG) for the Turkish Navy. 

The DIMDEG Project was launched in order to meet the Turkish Naval Forces Command’s new generation Fleet Replenishment Ship requirement, to satisfy the fuel, water transport and supply needs of surface units in the open seas around the world.

The project comprises two phases: Preliminary Design and Detailed Design & Construction. The ship’s preliminary design has been carried out by the Turkish Naval Forces Command’s Design Project Office (DPO) located in Istanbul Naval Shipyard, while some activities/tests required for the design phase have been performed by the STM under a contract awarded by the SSB on October 1, 2012. For the Detailed Design & Construction Phase a tender was launched and in May 2016 and the SSB received proposals from Sedef Shipyard and Sefine Shipyard. 

During DIEC’s January 31, 2018 meeting Sefine Shipyard was selected under the DIMDEG Project and the SSB was given a green light to start contractual negotiations with the company.

The DIMDEG will have an overall length of 190 meters, height of 7.2 meters, displacement of 22,000 tons and a beam of 25 meters. It is to be powered by two gas turbines and two diesel engines and the DIMDEG Fleet Replenishment Ship will have a maximum speed of 24 knots. 

According to the SSB statement, issued on July 13th, many Turkish companies including Aselsan, Havelsan and Turkish Lloyd will take part in the DIMDEG Project and the ship will be integrated with the GENESIS ADVENT Combat management System. “The Industrial Participation and Offset (IP/O) commitment in the DIMDEG Project will be realized over 77%” the Presidency said in a statement.