Self-Sufficiency in Defence for Independence

Message from ATO President Gürsel BARAN

Date: Issue 86 - November 2018

I am very pleased to attend the fourth of the Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aviation (ICDDA) organized by the OSSA Defence and Aviation Cluster under the auspices of the Presidency of Defence Industries.

I believe that the ICDDA event provides major opportunities to find new markets, create business opportunities and build valuable business partnerships with major industry companies and SMEs operating in the military and civil defence, aerospace and space fields. In the international arena, the defence industry is one of the key factors that determines the economic and political power of countries. The defence industry is separated from other sectors as it is a strategic sector that directly relates to the defence of the country. It is not possible to speak of the independence of a country that is not self-sufficient to meet their own defence and security needs. In our country, this sector is much more important due to our geopolitical position.