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Sempro Continues to its Activities on Online Platform

May 05, 2020

Sempro provides training and consultancy services to the companies which has products and services. Sempro supports the customers for transformation in technology, people and processes. Services provided by Sempro promotes the development of the process infrastructure which is essential for digital transformation.

Sempro is working from home and continues to its activities on the online platform due to the COVID-19.

CM2 Trainings and Consultancy services for “Strategic Business Plan Development’’ are available online now. 

CM2 is the industry standard and business methodology designed for Integrated Process Excellence. CM2 achieves process excellence by controlling a scope ranging from configuration management to change and data management in a product-based approach. Airbus, ASML, Bose, Delfi, Arçelik, Roketsan, TEI are examples for the companies using or familiar to CM2.

 “Strategic Business Plan Development to Create Enterprise Baseline” consultancy service aims to answer the company’s essential questions - “Who We Are?”, “What We Do?”, “How We Do?”-, to identify and create a roadmap to bridge identified gaps between the processes and the execution of the products/services. With this consultancy service, the enterprise will be structured like a product including all processes and procedures to enable the digital thread.

Sempro’s first online training “CM2-01 Foundation of Operational Excellence” was held on 27-30 April. More trainings will be scheduled and published on Sempro’s website.

For more information about Sempro’s trainings and consultancy services, you can visit www.sempro.com.tr