Sempro Hosted the International SemproConX19 Conference on 18-19 November in Ankara at the Bilkent Hotel

We talked with Semiha YAŞAR, Founder of Sempro, about the outcome of the Conference and much more in this exclusive interview

Issue 97

Defence Turkey: Mrs. Semiha YAŞAR, first of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team for the conference that you have hosted with 200 participants from 54 companies. Before we talk about the conference could you please inform us about Sempro and its main activities?   

Semiha YAŞAR: Thank you, as the SEMPRO team we are proud that the conference reunited professionals from companies both local & abroad and promoted experience in Configuration Management.   

Regarding our main activities, SEMPRO is a consultancy, engineering, and services company. As Sempro’s  our vision is to be the preferred stakeholder that supports the design, development and production processes of companies. We aim to establish CM2 methodology as the method for change management by providing training and consultancy services. In addition to CM2 training, Sempro also organizes Project Management, PLM, ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) and Systems Engineering training with international and local partners. 

We have already talked about CM2 methodology on our previous interview, to give you some brief information about the methodology I may say that the main goal of CM2 is to improve operational excellence across the enterprise by controlling product lifecycle management with a product-based approach, ranging from configuration management to change and data management. 

CM2 methodology is successfully implemented or in use in more than 1,800 organizations around the world. Some examples of these companies are Airbus, Amazon, Apple, ASML, Caterpillar, Delphi, General Motors, Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Sub-Zero/Wolf. I would like to say that ASML has its own CM2 school and gives training to its employees in their internal school. When we look at Turkey, the leading companies in their sectors such as Aselsan, Havelsan, Turkish Aerospace, FNSS, TEI, Arçelik, BMC have received CM2 training. Since 2015, 798 participants from 45 organizations have participated in our training programs to achieve process excellence in their companies. Among these participants, 28 people reached the level of CM2-P and 106 people completed the training up to CM2-C level.

Defence Turkey: (For further information about CM2 methodology our readers may consult Sempro’s website or the previous interview with Mrs. Semiha YAŞAR.) I would like to talk about the conference SemproConX19 which has attracted considerable attention. The sessions were quite interesting. Could you tell us what  the general theme of the conference was and from which companies the guest speakers came from?

Semiha YAŞAR: The event was focused on business excellence and digital transformation. Experiences about the implementation of CM2 methodology in companies, PLM applications for digitalization, configuration management applications for software and digital transformation journeys were shared during the speeches. 

Besides the speeches, panel sessions were held during our conference. Panel topics were “The Role of Configuration Management in Companies”, “How Should Product Management of the Future Be?” and the “Contribution of CM2 Methodology in Digital Transformation”. A lot of questions were asked by participants during the panel sessions. Through those questions, useful discussions occurred and more experience was shared in the related subjects. In our post-event survey, we asked participants their opinions about the panel sessions. We realized that those panel sessions have drawn as much as attention as the speeches.  

We had experienced guest speakers and panellists participating from both international and local companies, and as such during the sessions participants could listen to various experiences from different perspectives. Guest speakers were from Arçelik, Aselsan, ASML, CIMdata, Configit, ESEN Sistem, FNSS, Havelsan, IpX, IpX-Europe, Nurol Makina, Roketsan, SUB-ZERO, TAOS, TEI, and TÜBİTAK- Sage. 

Defence Turkey: Did your partners join the conference? 

Semiha YAŞAR: Yes, officials from our partners IpX, CIMdata and Configit gave presentations during the conference. 

Ray WOZNY, CEO of IpX made the opening speech which was quite entertaining. Ray loves Turkey and his Turkish friends. I could say it is enjoyable to work with him. In his speech, Ray encouraged participants to communicate with as many people as possible during the conference, to share more experience and information. As a part of his presentation, he called on the attendees in the hall to introduce themselves to someone that they had never met before. 

Paul KAISER, Vice President of IpX gave a presentation about the True North Enterprise Calibration Model that offers a proven pragmatic methodology that guides decision making, minimizes disruption and lowers risk. As he mentioned during his speech, the True North Enterprise Calibration Model is a proven set of best practices that enables global organizations to benchmark, assess, and transform the business challenges that impact most organizations.

Our partner IpX is providing sustainable business and digital transformation for more than 1,800 global corporations on 6 continents with CM2 methodology and the True North Calibration Model.

Henrik Reif ANDERSEN, CSO of Configit was also a guest speaker of the Conference. Our partner Configit offers powerful configuration technology for leading manufacturing companies. During his speech, HENRIK explained the capabilities of the configurator solutions offered by the company.

Peter A. BILELLO, President of CIMdata talked about the company's training and support services in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and digital transformation.

We are organizing PLM training in collaboration with CIMdata. CIMdata’s PLM training is assessment-based and is delivered through a series of educational and training sessions that have been designed to ensure that those involved in a PLM project have a strong understanding of PLM concepts and industry best practices.

Defence Turkey: The event was supported by many companies in various ways. Defence Turkey Magazine was the media sponsor of this conference. What other companies supported the event?

Semiha YAŞAR: I would like to thank you and all the sponsor companies. The support of the sponsor companies has been valuable for us. Dassault Systemes was the Platinum Sponsor, ArGe PLM and Upchain were Silver Sponsors and FNSS was the Bronze Sponsor of the event. MSI Turkish Defence Review contributed as the Official Publication and Media Sponsor, while Techvisor, EnginSoft Turkey and Havelsan were among the organizations supporting the event.

Defence Turkey: During SemproConX19 a game demonstrating Configuration Management was managed by your guests from ASML. How were the reactions of the audience to that game?

Semiha YAŞAR:  The game was managed by Martin HAKET, Configuration Management Business Architect, and Martijn DULLAART, Lead Architect for Enterprise Configuration Management, of ASML. The game was about completing configuration processes within a short time. Participants were divided into teams and each team was divided into three groups: engineering, operations, and supplier. Each team had to create product documentation, purchase and production orders, build Assemblies and a Final Assembly of a Truck within the 25 minutes. Every minute represented a week in the schedule. The real challenge was managing the change order that teams received at the 10th minute of the game. 

Participants had the opportunity to practice CM2 concepts and created fun memories through the CM game. 

Defence Turkey: After the conference, CM2 and PLM training sessions have taken place. Could you please give us some details about these training sessions?

Semiha YAŞAR: After the conference two CM2 training sessions, two CM2 workshops and one PLM training took place. A 2-day CM2-13 Optimizing the Software Lifecycle with CM2 training was conducted by Guido WEISCHEDEL, General Manager and Lead Instructor from IpX-Europe.  The CM2-13 course describes how the CM2 model for configuration management (CM) can be applied to software.

Guido also conducted a 1-day CM2 Fast-Track Change Process Workshop. This workshop explains the Fast-Track Change Process of the CM2 methodology. In addition to Guido’s explanations, two presentations were made by Roketsan and FNSS employees to discuss their change processes.  

A 2-day CM2-15 Operational Excellence Boot Camp was conducted by Ray WOZNY. This course gave an in-depth review of the IPE/CM2 model for process improvement and enabled each attendee to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their processes.

A 1-Day IpX-21 Item interchangeability and Re-Identification Workshop was conducted by Ray was about Naming and Numbering, Requirements Management, Variant Management, Tracking Changes and Re-Identification.

A 3-Day CIMdata PLM Certificate Program was conducted by Peter BILELLO. As I mentioned earlier, this training is designed to ensure that those involved in a PLM project have a strong understanding of PLM concepts and industry best practices.

Defence Turkey: When can we expect the next event to take place?

Semiha YAŞAR: We are planning the next event for 2021.

Defence Turkey: Thank you very much for the valuable information…