SemproConX19 Conference about Product Lifecycle Management and Digital Transformation will be held in Bilkent Hotel, Ankara

Date: October 14, 2019

Defence Turkey: Mrs.Semiha Yaşar, can you please inform us about CM2 methodology and its difference from the traditional Configuration Management?

Semiha Yaşar: CM2 is an industrial standard and business methodology designed to achieve Integrated Process Excellence. It was created by IPX (Institute for Process Excellence), which has been helping organizations in the process of modernizing and integrating their legal processes, systems, data and employees for more than 30 years. The main goal of CM2 is to improve operational excellence across the enterprise by controlling product lifecycle management with a product-based approach, ranging from configuration management to change and data management. Every enterprise has customers. They provide products and/or services to meet their customer or market needs. For achieving the success, companies need a business engagement strategy to ensure internal customers receive a clear and concise mission statement and the schedule for needed improvements is communicated. The concept behind CM2 is to identify all of the interdependent components and get all of their associated arrows pointing in the same direction without violating enterprise operating standards. Once corporate processes are integrated, the intervention resources allocated for quality and calendar will be reduced and Corrective Action are below 10 percent. Prior to CM2, CM was buried in engineering and CM`s scope was limited to product design information. Other activities had their own repositories of information and their own unique processes for managing changes. CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration (hierarchical set of information) of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life. Every enterprise has delivery systems which are used to produce and deliver those products and/or services. A world-class enterprise not only defines and documents its products and/or services, but its delivery systems as well. To ensure continued success, an enterprise must focus on improving its products and/or services as well as its delivery systems. CM2 methodology covers all these items to provide CM2 also has a different approach to certification. CM2 certifies employees with the approach that certifying the company is an external effect and that a situation that employees cannot adopt will never be successful. With this approach, employees understand the benefits of CM2 principles by seeing the positive effects on their work.