Signature Ceremony on FNSS and KALDER National Quality Movement Goodwill Manifesto and FNSS Approved

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.?. signed National Quality Movement Goodwill Manifesto with Turkey Quality Asso

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012

We are working with nearly 1000 suppliers and the number of suppliers has never fallen below 200 under any circumstances. We have been working strictly for one year in order for the performance assessment of the suppliers, which are vital points in production. In consequence, today we will deliver certificates to the suppliers who, at the first phase, have achieved the required level of performance and quality system? said Mr. KURT and added: ?Our primary goal on certifying the suppliers is to establish a common quality culture based on a mutual sense of trust by creating effective, efficient, sustainable and systematic approach in supplier management process and to ensure zero-error procurement. This process should also be followed by other companies and the certification studies will continue in the forthcoming period as well?.

Mr. Fahir ALTAN, Chairman of KALDER, also delivered a speech at the ceremony and said: ?We have been making great efforts to sign National Quality Movement Goodwill Manifesto with one of the defence companies for a long time and we are happy to sign it with FNSS, which is one of the leading defence industry companies in Turkey. FNSS will become a role model for other defence companies and we will use EFQM Excellence Model within the frame of the cooperation made with FNSS?. Mr. ALTAN gave information on evaluation process and said: ?The company will firstly be evaluated based on the criteria such as leadership, strategy, stakeholders, resources, products and services and then the evaluation results of employers and customers will be reviewed. As a result, the improvement areas of FNSS according to its own strategy and agenda will come out and by improving such areas, FNSS will become more competitive in its way to excellence?.

In his speech at the ceremony, OST?M Chairman Mr. Orhan AYDIN said: ?FNSS is the indicator showing things that can be done in Turkey and this motivates us at all. With the vision to become one of the best companies in the world with its Turkish engineers and suppliers, FNSS as a Turkish company deserves the applauses?.

Following the speeches delivered at the ceremony, Mr. Fahir ALTAN, Chairman of KALDER and Mr. Nail KURT, the General Manager of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.?. signed the National Quality Movement Goodwill Manifesto.

15 Suppliers received their FNSS approved certificates

At the first phase of the certification process, which is realized under three main categories as administrative structuring; quality management system and practices; production and operational capabilities, 15 Suppliers are entitled to receive FNSS Approved Supplier certificates, which are valid for two years.

Mr. Hakan YA?CI, Chief of Quality Assurance in FNSS, gave information regarding the certification process and said: ?As a company procuring 80% of its total material needs from subcontractors and suppliers, it is vital to establish an effective and systematic supplier control system in FNSS. There are nearly 100 companies making contract manufacturing out of 712 local-foreign companies in our portfolio and we, as FNSS, have specifically focused on industry companies making contract manufacturing. Firstly, we tried to ensure these companies to make zero-error delivery of goods and services, as their main target, by improving the efficiency of them. We aim at adapting the content of the review and evaluation activities of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industry performed for its main contractors to FNSS?s content for its subcontractors and suppliers. Thus we can provide the Turkish defence industry with qualified subcontractors and suppliers.

Mr. YA?CI also gave information about supplier selection and evaluation processes and said: ?We firstly sent a form to the companies and then made pre-appraisals and finally performed the appraisals at the companies. The appraisals were made under three main groups: their administrative and organizational structuring was reviewed first, the quality management system practices were checked and finally their production capabilities were reviewed. Following the appraisals, the reports were prepared and sent to the companies where the determined findings and suggestions took place. The improvements achieved as a result were reviewed on site and the certificates were given to those, who have fulfilled the required criteria following the appraisal activities?.

YA?CI also pointed out that 32 companies were evaluated in 2011 and 15 of them were entitled to receive certificates and added: ?The improvement processes of other companies still continue and nearly 70 companies will be evaluated in 2012?.

Following the speeches, the companies entitled to receive certificates in 2011, were given their certificates. These companies are Akana Mühendislik, Demsan Makine, Has-El Teknik Makine Savunma., Nurol Makine, Aral Havac?l?k, Cetek Makina., Dizayn Makina, Grup Teknik Makina, Hasa? Metal ve Yedek Parça Makina, ?mtes ?malat Teknolojisi San., Küçükpazarl? Kal?p ve Makina, Medsav Medikal Savunma Makina, Mefasan Makina, Mikron Makina and Mikron Mühendislik Makina.