Signatures Inked for FULMAR, the First Multifunctional Reconnaissance and Surveillance Radar

Date: Issue 126 - October 2023

The contract for the FULMAR Radar Project, initiated by the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) to fulfill the requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and to be executed by ASELSAN as the primary contractor, has been officially signed.

The project initiated by the SSB will involve the development of a prototype tabletop radar that can be integrated into UAVs and air platforms. The primary goal is to develop an AESA Reconnaissance and Surveillance Radar System (FULMAR) capable of meeting the versatile mission requirements of airborne platforms, including all-weather, day and night operations, maritime search, surface target detection and tracking, SAR/ISAR, GMTI, amplitude/co-phase change detection, and automatic target detection. In subsequent stages, the First Multifunctional Reconnaissance and Surveillance Radar will be integrated into air platforms like UAVs and Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The initial phase of the project involves the supply of one Prototype System.