Simsoft Goes International with its Cutting-Edge Training Simulators

Issue 40 - February 2013

Simsoft is one of the most experienced companies in Turkey specialized on high-fidelity modeling and simulation systems, examples of which include simulators of bus, truck, long trailer, lorry, ambulance, fire truck, marine/bridge and simulators of various weapon systems. With these successful products and projects in the field of modeling and simulation in Turkey, Simsoft has entered in the international market. In Turkey, Simsoft’s simulators are being used by many organizations including the Turkish National Police, various Municipalities, the Ministry of Health, the Fire Department and many institutions in the defence industry. With Simsoft’s products, these organizations have attained reduction in training costs and improvements in fuel-efficiency, safe and advanced driving skills of drivers. With immense interest abroad, countries such as Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan, the Netherlands and Turkmenistan have started using Simsoft vehicle simulators in training for military and non-military purposes.

Simsoft, located in ODTU Teknokent (Ankara) with its expert team of experienced engineers and researchers, has developed many products and projects in the field of modeling, simulation and 3D visualization. Among these, vehicle simulators are Simsoft’s specialty: One of them is the Convoy Simulator, which is being used by the General Directorate of Security. The Convoy Simulator, located in the Headquarters of the Turkish National Police Special Operations Department, incorporates both driving and shooting simulators of armored and non-armored vehicles. In this simulator, trainees get trained using simulated weapons on the vehicles for principles of defence and protection against various types of attacks on the convoy. The Convoy Simulator, based on seven simulators, provides training for driving and shooting under various environmental and weather conditions, and terrain features on a mission field without the personnel physically being there. As such, using the Convoy Simulator in different scenarios, it becomes possible to have standardization between the staff, and to measure skills as realistic and objective as possible.

The Shooting Training Simulator, installed at and being used by the premises of the Presidential Protection Department, is another important simulator from Simsoft. The Shooting Training Simulator is an advanced sophisticated simulation environment that can be used for training with real bullets and laser systems. This simulator, in two main types of training (Laser Based Training, Live Fire Training), incorporates ballistic modeling of many different guns, and has advanced features like detecting and using real bullets in training.

Simsoft’s another simulator, the Firefighter Simulator, which is being used by Ankara Fire Department, has won the 10th e-Turkey Special Award. With this simulator, firefighters are being trained to reach a destination quickly, safely and appropriately in a traffic environment including different types of vehicles, traffic flows, traffic signs, and pedestrians controlled using Simsoft’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies. In this realistic traffic environment modeling the capital of Turkey, occasionally heavy traffic jam including aggressive drivers and unpredictable pedestrians is portrayed in order to allow the trainees to adapt themselves to possible tense situations.

The most important feature of Simsoft’s vehicle simulators is that the components of these simulators are Simsoft’s own products and infrastructures which are above the state of the art in many aspects – these cutting-edge components include 3D image generation, which is the heart of the simulators, multiplayer features, vehicles dynamic modeling, weapon ballistic modeling and artificial intelligence. Owing to SimIG Simsoft’s Image Generator that can produce high-performance and high-quality 3D visual scene, Simsoft has come into prominence. SimIG is a well-established system that Simsoft has been developing for many years since its foundation, and it has proven to be very successful in many civilian and military simulators. Simsoft is currently working on applying SimIG in full-flight simulators.

In addition to modeling and simulation systems, Simsoft excels in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Platform Management Software, Test Simulators, Embedded Software and Human-Computer Interaction. In these fields, Simsoft has been developing projects for important defence institutions and companies such as ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, ROKETSAN, STM, etc.

After significant success in Turkey, Simsoft’s products are now being used by many countries including Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan, Turkmenistan and the Netherlands. Simsoft’s exported products include various Vehicle Simulators, Weapon System Simulators and the Ship Simulator. In the international defense fair IDEX 2013, which will be held in Abu Dhabi in February 2013, Simsoft is going to meet potential users.