Simunition- Non-Lethal Training Ammunition by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

Issue 74

Simunition manufactured by General Dynamics OTS Canada, and distributed by ALA International Ltd in Turkey since 15 years as exclusive agent is the pioneer and world leader in providing military, law enforcement and approved range members with the most realistic and non-lethal force-on-force, short range, simulation training system. For the past 27 years, military and police officers around the world have placed their trust in Simunition® to deliver realistic training. Professionals whose lives depend on the best training possible know that they can always count on Simunition FX marking cartridges and SecuriBlank cartridges to provide them with the most effective close range, reality-based training system. Simunition has raised the bar again by introducing a completely non-toxic Toxfree primer to all its training rounds.

The FX Marking Cartridges have many Impressive Features: 

Designed for military, law enforcement and approved range programs 

Non-toxic and non-lethal projectile 

Detergent-based, water-soluble colour marking compound 

Choice of 6 colours: red, blue, green, orange, white and yellow.
FX Non-Marking also available. 

Visible and physical impacts awareness allow accurate assessment of simulated lethality 

Tactically accurate for close ranges 

Realistic recoil 

No special ballistic infrastructure is required 

Optimal for training any time, any place, indoors and outdoors 

Used with FX protective equipment including mandatory head, throat and groin protection 
In addition, the Simunition conversion kits: 

User-installed temporary weapon conversion; no tools required 

Safe design helps preclude the chambering and ring of lethal ammunition 

Work with the user’s service weapon without adding extra weight 

Realistic weapon functioning in semi and fully automatic modes 

Available for a variety of pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and submachine guns 

FX Marking Cartridges: .38cal, 9 mm & 5.56 mm 

FX – the world’s most interactive combat training system for the ultimate level of realism. The FX Marking Cartridges are the core of this training system with their unique telescopic design and patented reduced-energy technology. These non-lethal rounds are fired with a weapon conversion kit for safe and reliable training. 

More than 600 000 000 FX Marking Cartridges have been sold to Law Enforcement & Military for more than 27 yrs. Over 250 000 conversion kits sold in over 75 countries. 
 Several Armies and Law Enforcement agencies covering Canada, UK, US, The Netherland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany France and Turkey have been using FX for training.  

The 5.56 mm FX  is also using the simunition patented reduced-energy technology and works with a conversion bolt, increasing safety and ensuring proper weapon functioning. 

The FX  Marking Cartridges are ideal for Reality-based training, force-on-force interactive scenarios, Force-on-target training, Weapon safety handling training, Urban fighting (MOUT/FIBUA), Anti-terrorism, Convoy protection tactics, Compatible with laser-based training simulators, Patrol exercises, Close-quarter battle (CQB), Shoot/No shoot decisions, Individual/Team situations, Room/Building/Trench clearing and Mission rehearsal 

Always on Target Training Ammunition

General Dynamics OTS Canada also produce Lethal Cartridges for training which cover 9 mm and 5.56 mm Greenshield Frangible rounds and 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7 mm Frangible Short Range training ammunition.

The Greenshield cartridge is known as the best frangible training ammunition worldwide. This truly frangible, lead-free, full-energy training ammunition, designed to reduce health and safety hazards by eliminating exposure to lead and other heavy metals. The bullet is composed of a patented polymer compound that disintegrates into powder upon impact with hard surfaces such as steel targets or backstop materials, virtually eliminating splash back and ricochet. It is truly a safe alternative to any other training rounds. This lethal cartridge is not to be fired at personnel.

Short Stop Short-Range Training Ammunition (SRTA) rounds are designed for use on ranges where ricochet and stray bullets present a problem. The unique design of the Short Stop bullet allows it to match the accuracy of conventional ammunition at 100m, while reducing maximum range under 600 m. All Short Stop cartridges feature frangible copper-polymer blend projectiles, which reduces significantly the danger of ricochet and splash back while eliminating environmental contamination. 

Short Range Training Ammunition provides greater training exibility and reduces ricochet and splash back, damage on steel targets, range set-up/maintenance costs, damage to range infrastructure and targets 
 and safety/danger zone. 

(SRTA 5.56, SRTA 7.62, SRTA 0.50 Cal) Advantages

1. Non-toxic projectile;

2. Greatly reduced safety/danger zone distances ; greater training flexibility;

3. Accuracy and ballistic match to conventional ammunition at shorter ranges;

4. Enhances user freedom of movement while conduction convoy protection drill and live-fire training;

5. Similar recoil, noise level and function as conventional ammunition;

6. Decreased damage to range infrastructure and targets;

7. Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) is approximately 1% of conventional munitions;

8. No modifications of M2 machinegun;

9. Improved ballistic match with M858 and M860 (T);

10. Reliable functioning from -20C to +50 C;

11. Maximum range of 750 m

12. Greatly reduced splash back, ideal for close range metal targets.

13. Ball and tracer versions for the 7.62mm and .50cal;

9mm and 5.56 mm Close Quarters Target Practice Cartridges

The innovative CQT cartridges are designed using the Always on Target patented reduced-energy technology and work with a simple conversion kit, ensuring proper weapon functioning. Available in 5.56 mm and 9 mm, the CQT cartridges are target practice training rounds, powered by a primer and a small amount of propellant. At tactical ranges, the Mean Point of Impact (MPI) of the CQT 
will approximate the MPI of ball ammunition. They are used for target practice only and are never to be fired at personnel, as they are considered lethal ammunition. 

The CQT cartridges have many impressive features such as Non-toxic projectile 

Accurate at tactical ranges, but reduced safety template, 
Similar recoil and sound level to ball ammunition,  
Function in user’s own converted service weapon, and Distributed worldwide exclusively through the Always on Target network.