Sinerjitürk: Turkish Defence Industry is Getting Ready for 2023

Date: Issue 38 - January 2013

The third annual Sinerjitürk – Defence and Aviation Technology event took place in Çeşme, İzmir between 11-14 October. Hasan Kemal Yardımcı, National Defence Deputy Minister, Murad Bayar Undersecretary for Defence Industries (SSM), Dr. Hasan Palaz, TÜBİTAK Vice President, SSM officials, representatives from Research Institutions, academicians and Turkish Defence Industry firms attended the event in which the technological sufficiency and technological leadership strategies towards the year 2023 were determined as a main theme. Sinerjitürk President Mr. Abdullah Raşit Gülhan gave the opening speech of the event that lasted for four days and in his remark he noted that the theme of the event was the vision for 2023. He stated that Republic of Turkey is aiming to become one of the greatest 10 economies of the world in her hundredth anniversary of foundation and that this goal could only be achieved through a harmonious coordination among the leading sectors and the institutions and universities. Gülhan added that the technological dominance would lead us to these goals. Murad Bayar, Undersecretary for Defence Industries took the floor during the opening speech of the event and told that certain steps should be taken in order to reach the goal of the 2023 vision and exist among the top ten economies of the world and that he determined some points regarding this issue. Bayar stated in his speech that for achieving technological dominance, a country has to manufacture products in aviation, automotive, health and telecommunication industries and become a brand in those sectors. "We have another ten years ahead until 2023 and ten-year is not a long period for achieving these goals. We have to make most of the time we have left and operate in a fully efficient manner to produce our national combat aircrafts and automobiles so that we could have a chance to succeed" said Bayar. In his speech Bayar also mentioned that in their agenda they have the production of an authentic national combat aircraft, tank, helicopter and satellite as goals for 2023 and that Turkey should establish a strategy, a plan for accomplishing these targets. Bayar added that in order to survive in the competitive environment, Turkey has to have a technological dominance and that she should attach great importance to R&D in order to become one of the top ten economies of the world. Bayar marked that defence sector’s R&D units had more engineers than all of the other sectors however for achieving the aforementioned goals still there is a lack in the aspects of human resources and technology. Bayar stated that this obstacle could be overcome with the synergy created by the companies, sub-industry, research institutions and universities.

Bayar emphasized that the institutions would have to improve their cooperation skills for the 2023 target and continued: "Our aim is to strengthen the cooperation between the institutions. We have to be aware and informed of each other’s activities and if we cannot succeed in setting the correct scenario then failure would be inevitable in the long run.