SİPER Block-1 Integrated System Level Firing Test Conducted on May 11 in Sinop

Date: Issue 122 - May 2023

The final test of the SİPER Block-1 Air Defense Missile, developed by ROKETSAN with a range of over 100 kilometers, was conducted in Sinop the other day. The Long-Range Search Radar (UMAR) and Fire Control Radar (AKR), both produced by ASELSAN, were also utilized in the test. During the test, managed by the Turkish Air Force (TurAF) personnel, the SİPER Block-1 Missile successfully destroyed the Banshee target drone. With this final test, the SİPER Long-Range Area Air Defense Missile System has become ready to enter service with the SİPER Block-1 Missile. The system is expected to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force within this year. Furthermore, the development of the SİPER Block-2 Missile with a range of over 150 kilometers is still ongoing.