In order to make companies in the defense supply industry more effective and to make them to reach a higher levels of activity, the small and medium scale enterprises “KOBI Consultancy Center” founding protocol was signed by the Undersecr

Issue 20 - January 2010

The Undersecretary of Defense Industries Murad Bayar in a talk prior to the signing ceremony indicating the importance of the KOBI Consultancy Center project said, “We are establishing the foundation of a significant cooperation. A higher collaborative union will take place from this effort. And this cooperation’s timing is very appropriate. We must make use of the national industrial base in the most effective manner. In this respect, with the environment that has been created, the work on the KOBI Consultancy Center has pleased us tremendously.” Noting that they have targeted in reaching defense industry manufacturers in other regions, Undersecretary Bayar went on to say, “From now on KOBI’s will be able to undertake a much better path in their activities.”

Ostim OSB Chairman Orhan Aydin, emphasizing that the signed protocol is very important added,” In the last few years we have been leaning towards our grouping activities. We have shown that by bringing our companies together we can undertake important work. Together we are trying to establish the concept of competition. We are ready to fulfill the shortcomings of our defense industry and our companies. The work on the KOB? Consultancy Center is a suitable project to our objectives. I want to thank everyone who has shared our joy in this event.”

SASAD Acting Chairman Cengiz Ergeneman stated that he appreciated the work of the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries and that they were very pleased to be a part of the KOBI and Supply Industry Consultancy Center’s founding activities. Underlining that KOBI’s have made important contributions to the defense industry in the last 20 years, Ergeneman indicated that the consultancy center would further this participation. Noting that corporate sub-contractors are an indispensable part of the defense industry, Ergeneman added, “ With the KOB? and the supply industry consultancy center I believe we will achieve even more difficult tasks.”

As a party to the protocol, ODTÜ Vice President and Chairman of ODTÜ Teknokent, Prof. Dr. Tuncay Birand stated that since its founding ODTÜ has been interlocked with industry and that work will start on increasing the abilities in a more effective manner the main and sub-contractors that take part in the consultancy center and defense industry projects.. Birand indicated that, “In order for KOB? and supply industry companies to integrate with the industry more easily, it is important that the need for communication and training be provided and that defense products and service production activities be supported in order to reach international standards. Within this context, we expect the support for KOBI and the supply industry companies in order for them to obtain a larger work share in ongoing projects, in meeting their manpower requirements and in their activities to expand exports.”

With the commencement of activities of the Defense Supply Industry KOBI Consultancy Center (KDM) with this protocol, attaining the goals stated in the Defense Industry Sectoral Strategy Document published to achieve the objectives and targets of the Strategic Plan of the SSM, the KDM will work to increase the role of the companies in the industry by enabling the main contractors, sub-contractors, KOB? and supply industry companies to carry out and expand their activities in concordance thereby providing the maximum contribution to the defence industry.

The KDM, in addition, will provide information through symposiums, seminars, workshops, industry day and similar activities and training sessions relating to sectoral targets. In order to generate original solutions relating to the industry and directing companies to reach a level that can compete on an international scale, the KDM will also provide guidance services to KOBI and supply industry companies on the use of the SSM’s ”Defense Industry Support Fund.”

Stating that with the signing of the founding protocol acceleration will take place in grouping activities, Group Coordinator Baris Cihan Baser went on to say that, “All of the main players in the industry have adopted our grouping. In fact, this is a clear indication of the success of our grouping activities.”