Sophisticated Defence Industries of Turkey and the UK Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

In an exclusive Defence Turkey Interview, Mr. Simon Everest, Interim Director of the DSO discusses how these partnerships are building new, innovative defence technologies that will be valuable to the defence forces of both partners and for exports across the globe. “Through collaboration far more can be achieved than either industry could hope to achieve on its own.”

Date: Issue 83 - July 2018

Defence Turkey: First of all, thank you very much for the interview. Could you please inform us on the DSO structure, mission and activities in areas of defence and security?

Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to tell your readers about the role that The Department for International Trade’s Defence and Security Organisation (DIT DSO), plays in maintaining relationships with overseas governments in support of UK exports in the defence, security and cyber sectors.  We have around 100 staff in London including a mixture of civil servants, military staff on loan from the UK’s Armed Forces, secondees from industry and security experts including a small cyber security team.  We also have a small number of officers based in diplomatic posts overseas including a team based at the British Embassy in Ankara.