Special Video Clip for the 184th Anniversary of the Gendarmerie: "Fearless"

Date: Issue 123 - July 2023

For the 184th anniversary of the Gendarmerie General Command, State Opera Artist Oğuz SIRMALI prepared a video clip titled "Fearless," intending to provide significant moral support to the security forces serving in different parts of the country and increasing young people's interest in the military, Gendarmerie, and aviation.

Speaking at the ceremony held at Martyr General Eşref Bitlis Barracks, Oğuz SIRMALI explained the video clip's story, purpose, and shooting process. "Ultimately, our goal was to showcase the Gendarmerie General Command in the best possible way through a music video. Therefore, we tried to create a scenario for the clip. With this clip, we wanted to show how each unit of our Gendarmerie works to save a citizen. In almost nine out of ten parts of Türkiye, we tried to show the loyalty of every unit of our Gendarmerie and the passion for their profession with this clip as much as possible."