Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection Technologies: Vendor Landscape Addressing Advanced Threats Is Growing Significantly

IDT Report by Robert Westerelt,  Sponsored by: Comodo 

Date: Issue 70 - September 2016

The specialized threat analysis and protection (STAP) market continues to gain traction with widespread adoption of both SaaS subscription and on-premise sandboxes and a renewed focus on emerging advanced endpoint and network security technologies. These
solutions examine network traffic as well as user; system, file, and application
behaviors in an attempt to identify threat indicators associated with targeted
attacks, custom malware, and sophisticated tactics. IDC estimates that the
market in 2014 had revenue of $930 million. It is forecast to grow to over $ 3 
billion by 2019, with a total market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of
27.6%. The number of security vendors with STAP products is growing
significantly. Established security vendors are taking steps to modernize their
portfolio to meet customer demand for new approaches to protect sensitive
corporate data and identify threats that evade detection from traditional
signature-based network and endpoint products. 

This IDC paper examines the competitive market for STAP technology and
aims to identify the participants and significant trends that will impact the
broader market for endpoint, network, messaging, and Web security products
and services. In this paper, IDC also discusses Comodo’s STAP market offerings, which span across the STAP endpoint, STAP boundary, and STAP internal network analysis submarkets.