SSI Keeping up the Spirit of Future

Mr. Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman, SSI-Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association of Turkey TDA-Turkish Defence Alliance

Date: Issue 63 - September 2015

Turkey, having objectives not in a limited regional frame, is one of the rising countries of the world in defence sector. We, as Turkish defence and aerospace sector, have been steadily growing.  We have achieved the level to meet the world’s requirements in different areas from software to hardware, from land, sea and aerial platforms to logistics services and from unmanned systems to communication systems. This can also be seen clearly from the increasing export figures. Our total export volume was $600 million 7 years ago whereas it reached $1,65 billion last year. Our year-end target is $2 billion. 

The defence and aerospace industry is an important sector that undergoes and should undergo continuous development for Turkey. Turkish Defence and Aerospace sector has been developing on the basis of technology and innovation, same as in the world. 

Today, we have an industry that manufactures products competing with the world and develops innovative projects. With its qualified human resource, research institutes, R&D laboratories, SMEs and worldwide companies, Turkey is capable of manufacturing its own satellites, unmanned air vehicles, training aircrafts, helicopters, service rifles, battle ships, armoured vehicles, missile and rocket systems and is able to develop simulation and software, establishes partnerships in worldwide projects such as the F-35 or A400M, builds satellite production and test centers, initiates to build satellite launching facilities as well as combat aircrafts and indigenous helicopter projects. 

In order to exist and survive in global competition, international cooperation is of essence and for international cooperation, a country needs to be recognized well. No matter how good and flawless your products are or how well you operate in accordance with your production schedule, if you are not known or recognized, then no one would ever notice you. 

Therefore, we as Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association of Turkey (SSI) participate in international fairs and increase the number of fairs that we participate each year. Within this context, the DSEI 2015 Defence Systems and Equipment International Exhibition and Conference that will be taking place in London on 15-18 September can be considered amongst the fairs in which we organize national participation together with Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. The Turkish Defence Industry attaches great importance to this event followed closely by the sector as well. Within the framework of this event, SSI will show up a high level appearance with the “International Partner” status at Hall N9-Stand N9.152. 

Turkey will continue to show the flag in such events to be held in various countries and continents in order to achieve its export targets.