SSM’s Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Project

A signature ceremony was held between the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (SSM) and Otokar company on May 20, 2009 for the procurement of 861of tactical wh

Issue 17 - June 2009

Otokar, one of the companies of Koç Holding, was selected as a successful bidder in December 2008 in order to meet the Tactical Wheeled Vehicle requirements of the Turkish Land Forces by SSM, for secure and rapid transportation of weapon, equipment and personnel of the Turkish Land Forces.
Minister Gönül: “Otokar produces sucessful solutions”
In the speech delivered at the ceremony, Minister of National Defense Mr. Vecdi Gönül pointed out that as a result of the success emerged in our defense industries in 2008, the rate to meet modernization needs of our armed forces domestically realized as 44%, and hence, significant contributions had been achieved by minimizing foreign dependency and sustainability of our army’s dissuading power.
Bayar: “We will achieve superior cross-country mobility”
Undersecretary of Defense Industries Mr. Murad Bayar also delivered a speech at the ceremony in which he noted the importance of Otokar in Turkish defense industry. He pointed out that they targeted to meet the land vehicle requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces by means of local production in full and added that in land platforms they trusted domestic industries to a greater extent. Murad Bayar further said that within this framework, they attached priority on local production in tactical wheeled vehicles, and that in the framework of the project signed with Otokar company, 861 vehicles would be delivered at a very short period of time, nearly, 11 months.
Mustafa V.Koç: “We are ready to serve”
In the speech he delivered at the ceremony, Koç Holding CEO Mr. Mustafa Koç stated that he is very pleased with Otokar for gaining another success in defense industry and added “In order for our country to become the leader in the region, a stable administration, growing economy, sound and contemporary Armed Forces are necessary. Qualified manpower is required for modern and powerful armed forces. Besides, modern equipments, tools and devices, having advanced technology and being capable of eliminating threatens to be posed, are required to be owned. For this reason, it is inevitable for us to develop our own resources and capabilities and produce our own technology. This is the only way that we catch era and ensure continuous development in defense industry. Our Ministry and Undersecretariat have been making significant expansions for the development of local capabilities of the defense industry. We, as Koç Holding, have been working in defense industry with great efforts and making investments and as a result we have put our signature under big projects. We target not only to meet the needs of our defence industry but also increase our export as a part of the international competition through our companies named Otokar, RMK Marine, Koç Information and Defence Technologies Inc. We, as Otokar, are happy to continue our mission to produce Tactical Wheeled Vehicle for our armed forces since 1987.”

Otokar is the leader in Turkey in terms of tactical vehicles
Otokar Company CEO Mr. Kudret Önen stated in his speech that they have been the greatest supplier of tactical wheeled vehicles for the Turkish Armed Forces since 1987 and provided more than 25,000 land vehicles to more than 15 armies worldwide amongst which the Turkish Armed Forces toping the list. Önen further noted that they as of today signed an agreement for 22,000 of these vehicles, which are composed of tactical vehicles without armor. In the framework of the agreement signed, Otokar Company will supply 413 command control vehicles and 448 cargo and personnel vehicles, totaling 861, for the Turkish Armed Forces within 11 months’ time as planned.
Otokar’s 22-years defense industry experience
Otokar Managing Director Mr. Serdar Görgüç stated that they will be making use of the Land Rover Defender product range for the development of 413 pieces ¾ tones Command & Control Vehicle and 448 pieces ¾ tones Cargo & Personnel Carrier Vehicle. He also added: “Being the overall export leader of Turkish defence industry as well as the main supplier in Tactical Wheeled Vehicles segment, Otokar has been carrying out development and supply activities in parallel with the needs and requirements of Turkish Armed Forces for 22 years. Today, Land Rover Defender tactical wheeled vehicles are commonly used in Turkish Armed Forces. As a result of the emerging needs, the selection of Land Rover vehicles is very pleasing and satisfying.”
Being the main supplier of the Turkish Military Forces for 4x4 tactical vehicles, Otokar has heavily invested and upgraded its production facilities by introducing the most modern manufacturing technologies resulting a great success in its operations.
Today, combining its experienced engineering resources with a skilled workforce and modern CAD facilities, Otokar is known as one of the Turkey’s leading production centers for both armored and soft skinned 4x4 tactical wheeled vehicles. With its own armoring technology and know-how Otokar has been successfully developing different variants of armored vehicles at its own brand name. Otokar armored vehicles are currently in service both in Turkey and in various Allied Forces.
Also, with the production of more than 40 different variations of Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130 types, Otokar is one of the most highly experienced CKD outlet of all Land Rover Defender operations throughout the world. The plant is also capable of providing its own special conversions like ambulances, special box bodies rescue vehicles for Land Rover Defenders.