SSM Contributing to Turkey’s Helicopter Industry & Increasing Local Industry Capability

In an exclusive Defence Turkey Interview, Undersecretary for Defense Industries, Head of the Helicopters Department Mr. Hüseyin Avşar shares concrete examples of how SSM is constantly paving the way for the defense industry companies to become more competitive in markets abroad, while benefiting local Industry

Date: Issue 76 - July 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Hüseyin Avşar, first of all we would like to thank you for your time. You have been assigned as the Head of the Helicopters Department. What type of a structure will you adopt throughout this new era that started upon your assignment? What are your comments on the existing personnel structure and responsibilities as well as the vision that you plan to set for this upcoming period?

I was previously assigned as a project manager at the Helicopters Department where extremely crucial projects for our country are being conducted. Currently there are two project directorates within our department consisting of the Helicopter Development Projects Group and the Helicopter Joint Production/Development Projects Group. I can state that the staff numbers in both of these groups are below the desired level when taking into consideration the number as well as the scope of the projects we have been executing. Thus, the reinforcement of our human resources will be amongst our priority objectives for the upcoming period.