Status Report: EHPOD & EDPOD Projects

The Project on the Development of the Electronic Warfare Pod (EHPOD) System for F-16 Aircraft is being executed with indigenous facilities under the coordination of TÜBİTAK. The Critical Design Stage of the Project has been completed and the integration activities are in progress. Capable of using both ‘coherent’ and ‘non-coherent’ techniques due to its DRFM technology is optimized as the self-protection pod of the F-16 Aircraft, the EHPOD System is able to provide users with “considerably more” effective radiated power (ERP) from both the AN/ALQ-211(V)9 and EL/L-8225 external EW Self-Defense Pods in the inventory of Turkish Air Forces Command (TurAF/HvKK) and internal EW Self-Defense Systems.

Date: Issue 99 - June 2020

The Project on the Development of the Electronic Warfare Pod (EHPOD) System for the F-16 Aircraft was launched by the Ministry of National Defense (MoND) within the scope of the demands of the TurAF. The Project is being executed through indigenous facilities under the coordination of TUBITAK in line with the signed contract. The Project was planned to be realized through10 stages each of which lasts 6 months and activities were launched as of December 1, 2014. According to news published in the press in December 2014, the EHPOD’s cost per aircraft was projected as nearly US$ 2 million and the cost of the development and prototype production was estimated at the level of TRY 135 million.

Within the scope of the Project, three EHPODs will be manufactured as serial production prototypes. During attack, defense and joint operations of F-16 Aircraft, the EHPOD will enable self-protection against air defense elements.  It is designed as an external pod and it will be integrated to the aircraft and operate in coordination with the KTAS/CMDS with receiver (RWR) and jammer (ECM) features.  It is being developed as a system capable of functioning unaided in all flight profiles of the F-16 Platform.