Steel Cutting Ceremony Held for Turkish Lloyd Class Submarine Floating Dock

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

The steel cutting and the first welding ceremony of the 3,000-ton submarine floating dock to be built in accordance with Turkish Lloyd Classification Rules was held at the Hicri Ercili Shipyard. It will serve the existing submarines in the fleet of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and the new submarines to be built.

It was stated that the submarine floating dock would serve all submarines including National Submarine (MİLDEN) and Preveze Class submarines, and it would be the only dock of its size in the world.

In the construction of the submarine floating dock, 2,500 tons of sheet metal, 480 tons of shaped tube, 320 tons of pipes, 38 pumps of various capacities, sliding panel roof and door systems, 180 kilometers of power and data cables will be used.