Steel-Winged Raiders of the Land Forces Command Turkish Army Aviators

Date: Issue 129 - May 2024

The journey of Army Aviators, rooted in Turkish Aviation History, has significantly evolved since their inception as a distinct unit within the Land Forces Command. From crafting heroic narratives with limited resources during the Gallipoli Battles and the War of Independence, to dutifully serving during the Korean and Cyprus Peace Operations in the Republican era, and combating a separatist terrorist organization for 40 years, Army Aviators have epitomized unwavering dedication. Emerging as a prominent global force in Air Assault Operations, Turkish Army Aviators have achieved numerous successes in both domestic and cross-border missions, particularly with the deployment of T129 ATAK Helicopters.

As a striking force with high mobility and the capability to conduct uninterrupted operations, day and night, in all weather conditions and terrains, as well as in mixed and joint operations and in high-threat environments, the Army Aviation Command has been serving as one of the main subordinate units of the Turkish Land Forces Command since its restructuring in 2003.