STM Delivers “New Torpedo Section” for Reis-Class Submarines

Date: Issue 115 - August 2022

Turkish Naval Forces Command has taken new deliveries of the "Torpedo Section" – the bow section of the submarine that houses the torpedo tubes which have been produced for the first time in Türkiye based on national means with STM engineering and coordination. The two “Section 50s” produced for Reis-class submarines will be integrated into TCG AYDINREİS and TCG SEYDİALİREİS.

Another critical stage has been reached in the Turkish Navy New Type Submarine Project, launched by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) for one of the most active navies in the world, the Turkish Naval Forces. New deliveries of the Torpedo Section are underway. Housing the torpedo tubes (main armaments) of the submarine, these bow sections are produced by only a few countries around the world.