STM’s Naval Expertise Propelling Export-Oriented Development and Collaboration Projects with the Turkish Defence Industry

In this interview, STM General Manager Murat İKİNCİ discusses STM’s focused efforts in Naval Projects that are in step with National 2023 target. He shares with our magazine how STM’s role in these projects are producing results for the maritime sector that are proudly demonstrated internationally.

Date: Issue 95 - October 2019

Defence Turkey: Mr. İkinci, first of all thank you very much for your time for the interview.   In 2006 STM made a significant expansion in the maritime sector with the MİLGEM project.   During this process the main objective was “to create a dedicated team that will take an active role in the field of military shipbuilding industrialization and lead the national industry in this direction”. Can you share some insight with our readers about the achievements over last 13 years in terms of staff, technological infrastructure and knowhow in line with this target?

Murat İKİNCİ: This process began with the MİLGEM Project which was initiated by the vision of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and through the determination and responsibility of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). With the MİLGEM Project, naval projects have become one of STM’s leading fields of activity, and within a structure that did not previously exist in the private sector in Turkey in the field of engineering, all of which has been created by STM.