Strengthening Technological Partnerships with Turkish Companies Leonardo Provides Market-Driven Solutions for Strategic Missions World-Wide

With world-leading expertise across a number of specialist areas, Leonardo stands firm on the strategic pillars of commercial and industrial presence in Turkey

Date: Issue 88 - January 2019 Update: January 08, 2019

Leonardo is a global high-tech company and one of the key worldwide players in Aerospace, Defence and Security. Known as Finmeccanica until 2016 and absorbing the activities of companies like AgustaWestland, Selex ES and OTO Melara, Leonardo is present in 180 sites worldwide with its offices and industrial plants, with a significant industrial presence in four domestic markets (Italy, the UK, the U.S. and Poland) as well as strategic partnerships in the most important high potential international markets.

Working with Governments, Armed Forces, institutions and citizens, Leonardo designs and realizes a wide range of products, systems, services and integrated solutions that meet customers’ defence, protection and security needs, in every possible scenario: land, sea, sky, space and cyberspace. 

Leonardo keeps a life-long commitment to its customers, with constant product support, including service and upgrading assistance and dedicated training programs. 

Leonardo’s integrated capabilities allow the company to provide a systemic and long-term approach to any defence and security requirement. The base of such capabilities is a comprehensive and complementary portfolio of products and solutions, able to converge into integrated operative systems, for the management of complex events and scenarios, which require immediate and coordinated responses. The development of “dual application” technologies guarantees a highly flexible result, meeting the defence and security needs of the military sector, as well as fulfilling civil market requirements, such as environment and climate monitoring, urban infrastructure management, computer network security and major events management.

The Company considers partnerships an essential part of international business and seeks structured engagement with selected industrial players. In Turkey, Leonardo is engaged with major aerospace, defence and security companies such as Turkish Aerospace, Aselsan and Havelsan as well as Turkish SMEs.

Leonardo performs research, design, development, production, customer support and marketing of the company’s extensive range of modern helicopters for commercial, public service, and security and defence applications. Current production covers all the main helicopter weight categories, from the 1.8 ton single-engine to the 16 ton three-engine. All the helicopters are dual commercial and military use platforms except some specific military platforms (NH90, Super Lynx 300, AW159 and AW101). 

In the aircraft sector, Leonardo is engaged in the design, development, production, logistics support for trainer aircraft, and the relevant integrated systems for crew (air and ground operators) training, military and tactical transport aircraft, special mission’s multi-role aircraft, regional twin-engine turboprop aircraft, unmanned systems and moreover the manufacturing of nacelles. Leonardo is part of Eurofighter consortium, playing a key role in the provision of Typhoon’s airframe and provides over 60% of its avionics, including leading the consortia responsible for the aircraft’s radar, defensive aids suite and infrared search and track system, which raises Leonardo’s program contribution to 36%. Leonardo is also a partner of major civil aircraft programs in Europe and in North America, from the Boeing 787 to the Airbus A380, and finally regional turboprop ATR, a world leader in its sector.

Leonardo provides market-driven solutions for airborne missions, with world-leading expertise across a number of specialist areas including integrated mission systems, airborne radars and IRST, electronic warfare systems, on-board avionics, aerial target systems and remotely-piloted airborne systems (RPAS). In all cases, the Company looks to provide the optimal combination of technologies, support and services to achieve its customer’s requirements, based on understanding their operational, budgetary or other priorities. Leonardo has developed solutions that have been and are being exported to a wide range of international customers including Turkey.

Leonardo can provide all Armed Forces with secure communications, information superiority, situational awareness, agile command capability and full control of its own sensors, assets and weapons, allowing to provide from complete C4I and C4ISTAR solutions to battlefield digitalization programs, from long range fixed and mobile radars to weapon systems and guided and unguided ammunitions.

Leonardo offers a comprehensive portfolio of maritime security and surveillance products, which have been chosen by more than 70 international navies to equip more than 1,000 vessels over the years. Leonardo’s technologies provide customers with complete awareness of the maritime domain, covering the underwater environment, where the Company produces advanced sensors, torpedoes and remotely-piloted vehicles; the surface environment, where Leonardo supplies naval and coastal surveillance, command and control systems, radars and maritime traffic management systems; and in the air, with Leonardo providing fixed and rotary-wing aircraft to maritime and coastal authorities for patrol and search and rescue missions. The systems Leonardo offers are scalable and modular and can be integrated onto vessels of any class, making the Company well placed to respond also to modernization and refit requirements.

Leonardo offers tailored, highly resilient solutions, as the focal point for the provision of network infrastructure and systems architecture solutions for homeland and Critical National Infrastructure physical and cyber security protection, civil resilience, air and vessel traffic management, transportation, mail and baggage handling and logistics. Leonardo is a leader in delivery cybersecurity services, technologies and integrated platforms to enable organizations to defend, mitigate and secure critical systems, networks and software applications against cyberattacks, also thanks to a next generation Security Operation Center based on Threat Intelligence capabilities to deliver advanced services.

Leonardo operates in the most important international Space programs through two joint ventures created in 2007 with Thales, which form the “Space Alliance”: Telespazio (Leonardo 67% and Thales 33%) and Thales Alenia Space (Thales 67% and Leonardo 33%) - and through the activities of the its Airborne and Space systems business. The company provides a complete offering ranging from satellite manufacturing and orbiting infrastructures, up to the management of satellite services and the production of a wide range of high-tech instruments, subsystems, sensors for applications such as Earth observation, remote sensing of atmospheric phenomena and ecosystems, planetary exploration, navigation missions, telecommunications, space exploration and in orbit experiments.

Leonardo has demonstrated to be a reliable partner and a great investor and is therefore ready to build on this longstanding collaboration to seize new opportunities in the future for a wide range of potential programs, in the helicopter sector as well as in other fields.


Leonardo’s 70th Anniversary  

A Legacy Leading to the Future

In 2018, Leonardo is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Founded in 1948 under the name of Finmeccanica and the same age as the Italian Constitution, the Company was simultaneously witness to and protagonist of the birth of a new chapter in the history of Italy, restoring a new perspective to the impressive skills displayed by many industrial companies in the post-war era and accompanying them towards an international expansion. It has been a long and complex path, often characterized by difficult choices and changes of course, but one which has been able to maintain and build upon the fundamental assets on which the Company has built its success: the skills of its people and technological innovation, which have catapulted us amongst the top ten global players in Aerospace, Defence and Security.  

“Leonardo’s first 70 years represent a true history of innovation. By recognizing our heritage, we’re able to inspire our future” said Giovanni DE GENNARO, Chairman of Leonardo.

Therefore, “mission accomplished”, but also the beginning of another story, in which the Company aims to continue to be the leading figure: in the design and realization of innovative solutions for the security of people, the environment and infrastructure; in collaborations for the development of the territory and its industrial activities, in the dissemination of a scientific and technological culture at the base of the industry of the future.  In short: Leonardo wants to continue to create value for all its stakeholders.


Leonardo and Turkey: a Success Story

Lorenzo MARIANI – Leonardo Chief Commercial Officer

Leonardo has been doing business in Turkey for more than forty years, participating in major civilian and military projects such as the T129 helicopter, Meltem 3 coastal patrol program, Naval sensors and defence systems and more recently the GÖKTÜRK satellite program. 

Leonardo’s technologies provide security for the people of Turkey on a daily basis, for example via the new air traffic management and control system, which links over 20 air traffic control towers with Ankara’s main operations center. Leonardo’s Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) ensures the safety of Turkey’s coast line and seaports, providing an integrated and comprehensive view of maritime traffic in its territorial waters. 

Leonardo has an industrial presence in Turkey with its Selex ES Elektronik Turkey subsidiary, which since the 1990s has been producing and supporting secure communications systems, avionics, naval sensors for situational awareness and air traffic control systems. 

Leonardo and Turkey have been successfully cooperating in the helicopter sector for decades spanning from product supply to Turkish operators and customization (Navy, Coast Guard), to airframe manufacturing (Turkish Aerospace producing structures and cabins for the bestselling AW139 type) and co-development of new products (T129 ATAK). 

The pillars behind Leonardo’s strategy in Turkey are commercial and industrial presence and the strengthening of technological partnerships with Turkish Companies. Leonardo’s priority is to further improve the existing strategic cooperation with the Turkish Defence Industry also involving the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), investing together with Turkish Companies not only for returns in the domestic market, but also to jointly challenge new foreign markets. 

Leonardo has demonstrated to be a reliable partner and a great investor and is therefore ready to build on this longstanding collaboration to seize new opportunities in the future for a wide range of potential programs, in the helicopter sector as well as in other fields.

Camillo PIROZZI, Head of Leonardo Office in Ankara

The three pillars of our strategy in Turkey are to have a commercial presence, an industrial presence and strong technological partnerships with Turkish companies. Our current priority is to further improve our strategic co-operation with Turkey’s defence and civil industrial base, including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Investing alongside Turkish companies will not only provide business opportunities in Turkey’s domestic market but will allow Leonardo to approach the international marketplace in partnership with Turkish companies. I think we are now at the point where Leonardo has demonstrated that we are a reliable partner and a significant inward-investor in Turkey. We are therefore ready to build on this long-standing collaboration and take-on new opportunities covering a wide range of programs, in the helicopter sector and elsewhere. In summary, Leonardo expects to unlock mutual benefit through collaboration with Turkey, both in-country and on the international market, all based on a strong foundation of trust.