SUNGUR Low-Altitude Air Defense System Successfully Hits Target

Turkey`s first Mobile Low-Altitude Short-Range Air Defense System SUNGUR, which was indigenously developed by Roketsan, successfully destroyed the target drone at maximum range and altitude during the latest firing test.

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

President of Defense Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR announced the firing test, which was conducted against a Banshee Target Drone System (fitted with the Hot Nose, a black-body infra-red enhancement system that provides a proven infra-red (IR) source for IR tracked, guided or fused weapons), on his official Twitter account on February 26, 2021, and said: "SUNGUR solidified its role in layered air defense with this successful test against an aerial target at maximum range and altitude. Developed by Roketsan, the SUNGUR Air Defense System can be integrated into land, air, and naval platforms with its portable feature."

Turkey's first Mobile Low-Altitude Short-Range Air Defense System SUNGUR was indigenously developed by Roketsan under the contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense and Roketsan on September 10, 2013, to meet the Turkish Land Forces Command's Man-Portable Air-Defense System (PHSFS/MANPADS) requirements. The system is expected to replace the Stinger POST (FIM-92B) and Stinger RMP (FIM-92C) MANPADS in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). The Project was later handed over to the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) on November 28, 2016.

Armed with the PORSAV missile, the SUNGUR Mobile Low-Altitude Short-Range Air Defense System provides short-range air defense protection for ground units against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, low-flying fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters.

Dubbed as PORSAV, the National MANPADS is a fully autonomous "fire and forget" missile equipped with a two-stage (booster and sustainer) solid-propellant rocket motor and features Aselsan's cooled Imaging Infrared (IIR) seeker.

Under the PHSFS/MANPADS Project, the first firing tests with the Ballistic Test Missile, Controlled Test Missile, and unarmed Seeker-Guided Test Missiles took place in 2018 and 2019 at the Sinop Missile Test Range. The guided firing tests with armed Seeker-Guided Test Missiles (with a live warhead) took place during the second half of June 2020.