Since early 2000 Turkey has been investing heavily into the development of local defense sector capabilities. The launch of the Patrol and Antisubmarine Warfare Ship (MiLGEM) Project of the Turkish Naval Forces in 2004 represents an important threshold in terms of the level that the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry has reached today in the field of naval electronic systems and underwater acoustics. It is widely accepted that the foundations of the level reached today in underwater acoustics were laid with the MİLGEM Project.

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

In 2006 Turkey’s leading underwater acoustics and sonar system manufacturers such as ASELSAN, METEKSAN DEFENCE and TÜBİTAK MAM have started their studies on the development of underwater acoustic systems and on the indigenization of naval electronic systems, particularly those within the scope of the MİLGEM Project. In this context, since technology transfer from abroad was not possible, they have made significant investments in the field of underwater acoustic system technologies, which previously did not exist in Turkey. 

Making significant contributions to the activities of the Turkish Naval Forces, including MİLGEM and İSTİF Class Frigates and the modernization of the submarines in its inventory, as well as supplying underwater acoustic systems for export customers (including Pakistan, Indonesia and Ukraine) today ASELSAN and METEKSAN DEFENCE are listed among global players in underwater acoustics and sonar systems. The companies today have reached the point where they can provide indigenous solutions for all types of sonar system requirements (towed, hull mounted and dipping) of both surface and under-surface platforms.