T625 GÖKBEY P3 Prototype Conducts its First Flight with LHTEC CTS800-4AT Engines, Target for the First Flight with TS1400 is 2023!

Date: Issue 114 - July 2022

TUSAŞ Member of the Board of Directors and CEO Temel KOTİL shared from his Twitter account the photos of the 4th GÖKBEY prototype, taken during its first flight, with a tweet on May 17, 2022, and added: “I would like to thank all my colleagues for their devotion and hard work. We will keep working to achieve more.” During these test flights, GÖKBEY was powered by LHTEC’s CTS800-4AT turboshaft engines, each generating 1,373shp.

As it may be recalled, a contract was signed between TUSAŞ and LHTEC on December 10, 2015, for the supply of 10 CTS800-4AT turboshaft engines to be used in prototypes to be manufactured under the Development Phase of the T625 GÖKBEY Turkish Light Utility Helicopter (TLUH) Project. A total of 4 T625 GÖKBEY Prototypes have been manufactured so far and LHTEC CTS800-4AT engines have been used in helicopters. While 8 engines power the ground and flight prototypes of the T625, 2 engines are kept in the inventory as spares.