Being the leader of defense and aerospace sector in Turkey, for the last years, TAI has been faced with important change and growth dyna

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

The center of gravity of such development is based on increasing value-add in the programs with intensive engineering and focusing on the critical systems solutions. Indigenous design and development of Basic Trainer Aircraft (HÜRKUŞ), Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Air Vehicle and 2.5 meter resolution Satellite as well as the tailored solutions for the S70 BlackHawk, C130 and T38 platforms are among the examples of such a challenge.

In 2007, TAI was awarded as the Prime Contractor for the Attack/Reconnaissance Helicopter (ATAK) Program, in which AgustaWestland and Turkish avionics provider ASELSAN are the main subcontractors. In the ATAK program, TAI will be responsible for the complete avionics and weapons systems to be replaced mainly with the locally developed systems solutions including the mission computer and avionics suit. The end product after such an extra-ordinary engineering modernization will be named as T-129 where “T” stands for Turkey. Being the sole source for the complete fuselage manufacturing, TAI will have all the rights and authorities to sell the helicopter to the world market -excluding Italy and UK - and will provide the after sales services in the full spectrum.

Considering the current status of development and implementation process, most of the programs such as modernization of C130, T38, F-16, S70; customization & integration of ATAK Helicopter, Medium/Intermediate Utility Helicopter; development of Basic Trainer, UAVs & Drones, Satellite, Light Utility Helicopter are open to international partners. The products will be on the market in full spectrum by 2010-2011 and consequently, we aim at being a strong key player with these solutions together with new derivatives in the global market. At this stage, we would like to work together with allied countries at the early phase as “joint development partner” to adopt and harmonize their requirements with those of the Turkish Armed Forces which has well-respected battlefield operational excellence. Moreover, this approach will help those partners to extend their capability base and to secure the lower costs of ownership through the life-cycle operation of such complex systems. With experience, such as in the Royal Jordan Air Force F-16 modification program, it is believed that feeling comfort in Turkey, while working in the long-lasting aerospace-defense programs, is another advantage in participating into the joint development opportunities.
With the past and present undertakings, TAI has proven its engineering and manufacturing strength together with the competitiveness in the programs above as “one-stop shop for military solutions related to aircraft, helicopters and UAVs”.

It is well known that working together beyond seller-buyer relation is the main driver in challenging the market dynamics. In this context, TAI’s goal is to open new frontiers with the prospective partners primarily in the Middle East region for our reliable, state-of-the art and achievable solutions. It is believed that the best indicator for development in political, trade and social arena among the countries is the rate of business volume in high-tech with the neighboring territory, and the aerospace-defense is the strongest sector triggering such reflections in the relations