TAI & Airbus Group Relations

Mr. Muharrem Dörtkaşlı President & CEO of TAI

Date: Issue 50 - March 2014

The relations between EADS and Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) have a long history. This long-lasting tie established initially on the military platforms where TAI commenced the integrated aircraft assembly operations of EADS CASA CN-235 aircraft in 1990. More than fifty (50) CN-235 were delivered with success, left TAI’s runway flying, proving TAI’s world-class integrated manufacturing and assembly capabilities. In parallel, augmenting the number of platforms, TAI & EADS Eurocopter consortium has toned up the relations with the signature of Cougar Phenix-II contract in 1996. Around 30 Phenix-II helicopters were flight tested and delivered from TAI’s facilities in close collaboration of the then Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters). TAI has also been building Cougar helicopters’ fuselage, tail boom and canopy, and delivering to Marseille, France since 2002.

In 2002, a brand-new chapter was opened with the introduction of A400M Program, when TAI became a major player in the foundation of Airbus Military (AMSL) and appointed as one of the four shareholders. In proportion with its 5.6% share in AMSL, TAI has been holding design & build responsibility for the entire structural work packages of A400M’s Forward Center Fuselage (FCF), Upper Shell, Tailcone, Ailerons & Spoilers, Doors, Center & Rear Harnesses, Lighting, Water-Waste and Ice Protection Systems. TAI was completed the development phase back in 2010 under partner shareholders’ and appreciation; where today, has been assembling the A400M MSN 27 FCF in serial phase. Reaching the maximum rate in 2016, TAI has designed and structured its A400M major component assembly line to support the deliveries of three aircraft per month.