TAI: Airbus increases its Work Share in Aircraft Group

In line with the agreement reached, the delivery of the very

Date: Issue 62 - June 2015

The delivery ceremony of the first A330 Rudder that was manufactured following the contract signed two years ago witnessed another milestone for TAI and Airbus. Airbus and TAI signed a work package that will add another page to the growing cooperation between Airbus and TAI. The contract was signed by the high ranking officials of the Airbus and TAI. The contract signed for supporting the double-source procurement strategy of the Airbus and the growth of the company, TAI assumed the production of the fuselage panel numbered 19 that is the other fuselage panel of Airbus A320 aircraft family. The cooperation between the Airbus and TAI started twenty years ago with the manufacture of A320 aircrafts’ fuselage panels numbered 18. The number 18 and 19 fuselage panels cover essential part of the surfaces of the fuselages of Airbus A320 aircrafts. With the manufacture of these important parts, TAI will assume more responsibilities in the increasing production of Airbus’ most sold aircraft family.

Airbus Group and Airbus Procurement Director Klaus Richter said, “TAI’s high quality workmanship, competitive prices and timely delivery paved the way for increasing our existence in Turkish markets and our current cooperation with our modern aircraft families. Considering the overall cooperation between the Airbus and TAI, we will not ignore TAI’s performance in both A400M and A350 XWB programs. Both programs are currently at the serial production increase stage and the deliveries are proceeding in accordance with the program schedule”.