TAI and MTU Onsite Energy Leading the Way

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) and MTU Türkiye Onsite Energy

Issue 53 - May 2014

TAI CEO Muharrem Dörtkaşlı, MTU Türkiye CEO Ekrem Kuraloğlu, TAI Executives, Project Teams and a number of invitees attended the groundbreaking ceremony that took place on 28 February 2014. Vice President for the Facilities and Asset Management at TAI İsmail Ulubayram gave a speech at the ceremony and stated their reasons for selecting MTU Onsite Energy in this project and said, “We believe we ceased the best agreement in respect of productivity and feasibility with MTU after a long-running tender process. According to our evaluations, our cogeneration facility will pay for itself in a short while and provide a significant added value to our company. The operation of the whole system by the engine manufacturing company provides confidence to us”.

MTU Türkiye Onsite Energy Manager Yücel Hanoğlu said, “TAI’s selection of MTU Onsite Energy in this project is a success in engineering, design, quality and value creation for us and it assigns our company the mission to achieve more and better”.  MTU Türkiye Vice President Ali Güzel said, “We are proud to collaborate with TAI - one of the prominent members of defence industry and we believe that this project will be paving the way for others in the sector”.