TAI and Russian IRKUT Corporation Signed Strategic Partnership at Dubai Air Show

Date: Issue 79 - February 2018

TAI continues to make significant breakthroughs at the Dubai Air Show following the Thailand fair. TAI signed a strategic partnership with Russian firm IRKUT in Dubai.

TAI exhibited its products and capabilities at the Dubai Air Show, held in the United Arab Emirates on November 12-16, and continues to increase market efficiency in the Middle East.  A high level of interest and participation was observed at the TAI chalet where the Deputy Chief of Staff of Pakistan and the Ambassador of Turkey to Abu Dhabi also visited. TAI President Temel Kotil reiterated that they have ambition for the defense and aerospace sectors also in the Gulf countries by emphasizing the importance of participation in the Dubai Air Show. TAI signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian company Irkut in the field of aviation during the Dubai Air Show, where the T129 “Atak” helicopter made its first demonstration flight. Within the scope of the agreement, the two companies will carry out joint design and production activities in the field of civil aviation.