TAI Make a Breakthrough in Global Arena

The Leader of Turkish Aerospace Manufacturing, TAI, strides out with an organic growth strategy in Germany, Hamburg. 

Date: Issue 70 - September 2016

On July 14th 2016, TAI GmbH which was established by TAI-Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. in Hamburg-Germany has acquired “Grunewald Stade GmbH” owned by Grunewald family in Stade.

Founded with 100% TAI capital, TAI GmbH, also acquired Grunewald Stade GmbH’s full rights and properties. In accordance with the purpose of establishment of TAI GmbH, Grunewald Stade GmbH as a subcontractor of Airbus will play an important role on TAI’s development of the aviation industry by increasing the capacity. TAI assesses the acquisition of the new company as a strategic step in integrating with the aerospace industry in Europe. As a main subcontractor of the giant corporations of the industry such as Airbus and Boeing, TAI is willing to create more value for the Turkish aviation sector and Turkey’s economy by developing and producing more sophisticated aviation parts in bigger volumes.