Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) has initiated the first SAYP project (Researcher / Postgraduate Training Program for Industry) with the protocol signed with Mid

Issue 34

C-TECH plans to develop customized solutions for Qatar

C- TECH, which has taken several steps in Qatar in recent years, was one of the companies participating in DIMDEX for the first time. Holding various products and capabilities in defence, telecommunication and broadcasting fields, C-TECH made negotiations and discussions with senior officials and commanders of Qatar Armed Forces and Naval Forces based on various projects. The delegations of Jordan Naval Forces, senior commanders of Sri Lankan Naval Forces and delegations of Oman Naval Forces were closely interested in the products and capabilities of C-TECH.

The representatives of the company shared their views on DIMDEX and said: “We have been interested in Qatar for a long period of time. DIMDEX is of great opportunity for us. Instead of supplying commercial off-the-shelf products, in the coming period we will be focusing on developing customized solutions in line with the demands and requirements of Qatar and middle east countries and based on our capabilities”.


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