Target; 2023, The New Perspective of National Defence Industry

Road Map f

Issue 49 - January 2014

Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporter’s Association’s (SSI) vision meeting that lasted for two days in Bolu is over. During the meetings attended by approximately 50 companies in addition to Ministry representatives and bureaucrats, the actions necessary for the goal of $ 25 billion volume export was discussed.  In his assessment on the meeting, SSI Chairman Mr. Latif Aral Aliş pointed out that the fact that defence sector increased its export volume most among other sectors and said “Entry of our products exported by our sector of strategic importance into the government’s inventory would be a great reference for us”. Aliş stated their volume of export in 2013 was $ 1,5 billion and for 2014 they envisioned $ 2 billion and added that they considered the countries of nearby geography as a target Market. Aliş underlined that the sector’s product range was further developed through usage of the highest technology and said “Our promotion team has been established, we determined the target countries and their needs and we are continuing our contacts with the decision makers of these countries”. 

the service rifle manufacturing with his own company Sarsılmaz and that they would start exporting it in 2014, Aliş added that they would be applying for the production of the National Service Rifle (MPT) project conducted by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM). Aliş said “In the project executed by the SSM, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE) developed a joint model with Kale Kalıp, but no decision on the production of this model has been given yet. There are two associations that could manage the production of this rifle, MKE and us. We are expecting the decision of SSM on this issue and asking for support”. Aliş concluded that as Sarsılmaz they are ready and the final call would be given by the Undersecretariat.